For The One – Video

In January of this year, my church (The Well Foursquare) introduced our annual word of the year. Each year, God speaks a word over our pastors and staff that will reflect what our focus will be for that year. This year, the word was “ONE”, Based on the parable of the lost sheep where Jesus speaks of the importance of the man who has a hundred sheep, leaves the 99, to go after THE one if he is lost.

**side note** I love my church. This prophetic word was not just something God spoke over our church as a whole, but over each individual person. And I’m so proud to be apart of a church who strives to provide resources and settings for us to live out these things. 

Funnily enough, in January of this year, I officially started a new job at Hobby Lobby. This was my first retail job ever and I had no idea what to expect. For the record, there is a reason I’ve never worked retail. I’ve never really been a people person. I’m nearly 100% introverted according to 16 Personalities and my brain can never understand the actions and decisions of people, so working with people has never seemed like the best idea. But this job was right in front of me, and I was crazy to say no to it. Oooohhhh boy. It has been a year. I never imagined how much God would try to teach and instill the concept of going after The One in me. I have literally cried over frustrating people who leave empty food packages behind flower bushes, people who pull whole flowers off of stems, people who can’t seem to put things back where they got them from, people who are rude, loud, people who treat their children terribly, or just ignore them entirely.  I remember one particular night where I walked around the store after it closed crying as I was trying to clean my department and kept finding mess after mess. I cried as I  wondered how God could possibly give me a responsibility of serving and loving these people that I could barely even stand. As time has gone by, I’ve also cried over families that have come in looking for small necklace charms to represent a mom that had just died from cancer the day before. I walked away from a 70 year old woman who had just lost her husband and was having to move in with her daughter and leave everything she knew behind, with tears in my eyes and praying that God would comfort her and bring her peace. I’ve made friends with co-workers and been annoyed with management. Basically I started this job and God said “Get ready to learn how to love my people”, and I have. I mean, let’s be honest, I still have many hard days, but in every part I have found   something that I can’t explain. It’s a desire to pray for people, to smile at them even when it’s hard. A desire to show them Jesus, by just being kind and compassionate. I get the opportunity to be a sound board for co-workers who need to vent, a tiny voice of reason when things get rough. And I’m thankful for that.

A couple months ago Jenn Johnson released a song called “For The One” that summed up this thing that I was learning so well, and I hadn’t recorded a video song for my long lost youtube channel in a long while, so I thought this song would be such a good one to do. I asked my friend George to play acoustic for me and we recorded it one night. Aaaaaand then it sat on my computer for another long while. Well, I finally edited it and uploaded it. There are certain songs that always speak so heavily to me, and this is one of them. The chorus has become my prayer every day that I walk into work. I hope that it challenges you and pulls you deeper into the heart of the Father. His love is so strong, so reckless, so unending.

Go take a look at the video here.


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