Adventure: {Poppy Fields}

My new job has been ROBBING my life. haha. I say that only mildly joking. It’s true that I’m having a tough time trying to find a kind of balance between working, resting, adulting, and the things that I love. This week though, I knew what was important… and it was some quiet adventure time. It’s no secret that I LOVE driving. I remember being a teenager, itching to get my driver’s license and being told by adults that once I started I would wish that I hadn’t because driving was a pain. They were all wrong. I LOVE driving. Windows down, music playing. Whether the view is full of mountains or beaches, large trees or bare desert, it is always a therapeutic experience for me. (We won’t talk about what kind of therapy I need when I drive back into LA after an adventure face-with-rolling-eyes)

So today, I drove out to Lancaster to take in the Poppy Fields (side note: every time I type out “poppy” I first type “poopy” and giggle. excuse the child in me.)

Be prepared for a massive amount of flowers. I’m usually alone on these adventures so humans don’t usually come in front of my camera.



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