Adventure (Oak Glen)

If you know me, you know that I LOVE to travel. Actually, I make my mom nervous cause every once in a while, I hop in the car with no plan and just drive. Finding new places, seeing the beauty in the creation around me, makes my heart beat. It’s a space where I find inspiration, hope, and many times, answers.

I started a new job a few weeks ago that has felt like it’s eating up all my time. Time to do everything that I love doing. To create something beautiful.

I’ve also been craving a snow adventure for MONTHS and since us SoCal people managed to get some good winter this year, I knew a trip would happen as soon as I got a day off!

Today was that day.

I drove an hour and half up the 10 freeway to Oak Glen, Ca. Home to many an apple orchard. I’ve been here before in the early fall to go apple picking with my lovely friend Yadira and little Anabelle, but it’s so much prettier in the snow!

I think its supposed to rain again this weekend.. I would love to go back with someone so I can get pictures with actual people in them lol

oakglen-2oakglen-3oakglen-4oakglen-5oakglen-6oakglen-7oakglen-8oakglen-9oakglen-10oakglen-11oakglen-12oakglen-13oakglen-14oakglen-15oakglen-16oakglen-36oakglen-18oakglen-19oakglen-20oakglen-21oakglen-22oakglen-24oakglen-26So, maybe I didn’t wear the best shoes for the snow… 😐oakglen-27oakglen-30oakglen-31oakglen-32oakglen-34oakglen-35


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