SundayBakes #createsomething

I posted this on my Instagram this morning:



I woke up with inspiration. I didn’t want to waste the day. So I went in my kitchen, and I took my camera. After looking through our cabinets to see what we had (tbh, there wasn’t much. lol) I went with something simple, but also something I’ve never made.

Which reminds me. Usually in November and December, I do what I like to call ‘SundayBakes’. Every Sunday, I choose a recipe that I’ve never made before and I make it. I would take most of it to work so it wouldn’t end up sitting on my counter, begging me to eat it.

I want to continue my SundayBakes this year…. but I don’t have a conventional job that I can deliver it to… so I think I’m going to do it on Saturday… but still call it SundayBakes. lol Is that too complicated?

I officially call this my first ‘SundayBakes’ on Saturday.

I found the recipe on Pinterest (of course) so thank you to Melissa from The Happier Homemaker.

Cinnamon Apple Bread


blog_bakingfinal-2blog_bakingfinal-3blog_bakingfinal-5blog_bakingfinal-4blog_bakingfinal-6Cleaning up is probably the worst part of baking, right!?!?
I shared this deliciousness with a few friends at a random hang night, and it was a hit!



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