365 Day Photo Challenge – Week 36

Sadly, I have not kept up on my daily photo challenge.

But, even though we’re almost done with the year, I’m going to pick it up right here… in hopes that when the new year comes, I’ll be in the habit again.

**If you need a reminder of what this photo challenge is about, check out this post!**

So here we are… Week #36


Monday, September 5: Labor Day. I ended it with a wonderful bath with a little Eucalyptus, Lavender and Harry Potter. (Book not shown…)


Tuesday, September 6: I’m always a huge fan of the beach in every season except Summer. It’s mostly deserted and the weather is so much better! I did some location scouting for an upcoming photo shoot and had such a lovely evening at the beach. Sometimes, I let to get a little artsy with my photos.


Wednesday, September 7: I’m leading worship at my church this weekend. So my Wednesday night looks like me sitting at my piano finishing up the setlist. It’s always challenging in the best kinds of ways and I hope I never take the responsibility of it for granted. Worship will forever be my first love.


Thursday, September 8: Two beach days in one week, is not a bad thing. I had the joy of having a maternity photoshoot and beach sunset photos will never get old for me.


Friday, September 9: I spent the day deep cleaning my room. Moving furniture to vacuum dust that has been accumulating for, who knows how long. 😐 I hung these little fall deco items because, if you didn’t know, fall is my favorite. 365_sept10

Saturday, September 10: (iPhone photo!) Church Work Day! We planted new plants in these pretty planters around our church. It was hard work, but I’m so glad I was apart of it.


Sunday, September 11: I have friends around this country who lead worship at their churches and because I also serve in a church, I don’t get to watch them online too often. My friend Brianne texted me Sunday morning saying she was leading worship at all of their services that day, one of which, started at 6pm, which works perfect for me! So I watched her on my tv and felt like such a proud friend. Ps. Taking a photo of a TV, is not that fun. :\



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