Fundraiser – Quartermania.

Helloooo there!

Please excuse the lack of posts. My entire household has been super sick for the last two weeks. And to be honest, I haven’t looked at my computer a whole lot.

But Hakuna Matata! I’m back! And I want to talk about an amazing fundraising opportunity that I’m apart of, and that you can get in on!

It’s called Quartermania! And will be held March 19 at 5pm. Tickets are $10.


So this fundraiser is going to be to help the girls of Mission Ebenezer church in Carson, CA attend kids camp. I never got the opportunity to attend any kind of camp as a child, but I was lucky enough to attend a few as a camp counselor and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to watch young girls and boys find Jesus in such a hands on way. Not only is it fun, but the relationship that grows between these kids and their creator is so evident and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. All that to say, this fundraiser is so important. There are so many kids who won’t get the opportunity to go to camp for a variety of reasons, so we need to work together to help get them there! And this fundraiser is an easy and fun way to do that.

Let me explain!

By purchasing a ticket to this Quartermania Event, you get an amazing homemade dinner (rumor says that it’s mexican food!), when you walk in the door you are handed an auction paddle, a number and a raffle ticket. There will be a number of vendors at this event who will be auctioning and raffling off items.

Each vendor will come up and auction off a few items. You can choose to participate in the auction by bringing tons of quarters. Each item will be auctioned at either 25 cents (1 quarter) or 50 cents (2 quarters). If you decided that you want that particular item, you throw in the auction bid (again, 25 or 50 cents) and the auctioneer pulls a number from a big bucket. If your number is called, you get that item! Each vendor will have at least 3 items in the auction so you have multiple chances to win!

The raffle works the traditional way. They pull a ticket, and if your ticket is pulled, you win! No quarters necessary!

So now let’s talk vendors. These vendors are not only going to be auctioning off items, but if you see something that you really like, but don’t win the auction, they will have tables setup with items available for purchase! You’ll have lots of time to walk around and check them out! There is an amazing group of people participating this year! I know a few personally so I’m going to brag about them a little!

Rosie’s Chocolates – Homemade chocolates! We’re talking; peanut clusters, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows! All handmade and hand dipped!

Hug N Stitches – Let me brag for a second about my mama! She’s going to have some really great handmade items! She’s been working on some fabric Easter baskets, and some amazing neck pillows! She also has skirts for the little ones and home essentials, like pillow cases!

Avon – My cousin has a great Avon business and has a great lineup of spring home essentials ready for auction!

JessicaLeesa Photography – It’s me! I’m super excited to have some of my landscapes photos in prints and will be auctioning and selling a few of my favorites!

PCBowz – Is a new business that is ran by my cousin Priscilla. She has the cutest bows for little girls (or big ones, I bought one not too long ago!) She has some adorable themed bows and simple bow headbands.

Vivi Jewelry
Grandma Joe’s House
Handmade Flowers
Nancy’s Angels
Susie’s Blankets

PLUS, I hear that there are still some vendors who are trying to come!

It’s going to be SUCH a fun night so if you would like to attend PLEASE let me know!

Leave me comment below or find me on social media. (links listed below)



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