365 Day Photo Challenge – Week 7

Welp. I missed a week. There’s no good reason. It just happened. But I’m back!

Here we go with week 7!

Saturday, February 13: While taking photos of one of my favorite families (find more photos here) I snapped this photo. My friend is letting me borrow her lens and I snapped this to test it out. And I actually really love it. Scenery…. it’s some of my favorite.

Sunday, February 14: Valentine’s Day. I’m single… so my day consisted of Greek Food for lunch and movies all day long. And sending my friends funny filtered snaps.

Monday, February 15: It was an unusually clear day. We could actually see a lot of stars. I decided to test out my star shooting abilities. They aren’t that good… but I ended up with this photo. That bright light is the moon.

Tuesday, February 16: I found recipes for a white cake and Swiss Meringue Buttercream and  needed to bake. Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a lot of fun to make.

Wednesday, February 17: So the recipes I used for white cake and buttercream required a lot of egg whites, which means that I had a lot of egg yolks leftover. Ice cream it is. Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and almonds? Any guesses?

Thursday, February 18: Brush cleaning day!

Friday, February 19: I started crocheting this blanket about a year ago. 😐 I’m apparently really bad at consistency, cause I work on it and then set it down for a few months at a time. I do love it though…


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