::Maternity:: {Jameson}

So when I first started taking photos everything was such a new experience. Families, couples, little kids.. I loved all of it.

And then my friends started having babies…. And very quickly, maternity photos became a favorite of mine. Those baby bumps just kill me.

My friend Yadira has been a huge support of my photography from way early on. She’s asked me to shoot so many huge moments in her family’s life including maternity, birth and 1st birthday of her first little one, Anabelle. I’m so, so lucky.

And now that she’s getting ready for her second little one, a boy, I got to capture her again! For Anabelle’s maternity photos we took a trip to the Griffith Park Carousel. I have to share a few of those here.

2013ABJ Carousel-10ABJ Carousel-35ABJ Carousel-19ABJ Carousel-21

So for the new little one, she wanted to go back to the carousel and bring back a little from the first maternity shoot. Same location and same dress… but this time… little Anabelle joins us in person. 🙂

Lucas, Yadira and Anabelle: Thank you so much for inviting me inside of your family. AGJ-Carousel-1


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