365 Day Photo Challenge – Week 3

Week 3!

Saturday, January 16: Downtown Torrance. I had a photo shoot at a park right across the street from this area. Now I just need a cute couple to let me take photos of them down here… any takers? 🙂


Sunday, January 17: We celebrated the birthday of one of my great aunts. She likes to go to Foster Freeze for ice cream. We drove out to the one in Carson, which is down the street from where my Grandma used to live. Our whole family has a ton of memories of walking to Fosters for ice cream and burgers… so I had to get a photo. This is my childhood, right here.


Monday, January 18: I LOVE an apple from Yakima. And that’s all I need to say.


Tuesday, January 19: The word of the year for our church is ‘Cultivate’ and I’m honestly loving it so much. Every night before I get comfy in my bed, I grab my bible, and my journal. Right now, as a church we’re making our way through Job and Luke. This has been such good time for me to connect with my father and to allow him to speak into my life.


Wednesday, January 20: I have a cool fundraising photo project coming up so I’m trying to add a ton of landscape-y photos to my portfolio. So I took a trip to the beach on a cold and surprisingly foggy day. I just love the beach in the winter. It’s way better than in the summer.


Thursday, January 21: Time to practice for Sunday. One of my favorite spots in my room.


Friday, January 22: Hung out with this kid at pizza and arcade place. He keeps me young. 🙂 (iPhone photo alert! #nofilter)


Woohoo!! Week 3 complete! See ya at week 4!


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