365 Day Photo Challenge – Week 1.

Taken from Allison, one of the Moderators over at one of my favorite photo forums,  Pretty Forum:
“Basically, a 365 Project is the commitment to shooting a photograph each day for an entire year. And honestly, that’s it! DSLR, iPhones, GoPros, really any camera that can take a photo will work. The idea behind a project such as this is growth.”

So I’m doing it. Except that I KNOW that I won’t be consistent with posting every single day… that just seems excessive to me. So I’m going to be posting one blog with a week’s worth of photos. I’m actually super excited about this. I want to keep my self disciplined in a lot of different areas in my life this year, and this is one of them.

So here we go… Week 1:

January 1: My friend Lara came to visit from Redding, CA. Her Hawkeyes were playing in the Rose Bowl so she crashed on my bed for a few days. We went to see Star Wars and snapped this photo before the movie started. I love that it’s grainy and not well thought out. Photos don’t have to perfect. I love that.


January 2: We went shopping! Lara needed an H&M trip so, to The Pike we went. We got lost in the parking structure and ended up on the top open floor. The sun was setting and the sky was just beautiful. So I pulled over and snapped a few photos on my phone!


January 3: I’ve recently started helping out on the worship team at my church, The Well Foursquare. This is kind of a big deal for me. I haven’t been actively involved in church ministry in almost 3 years. Sunday was only my second time. I left the house early and the sun was just peeking up. I’m a sucker for sky photos.


January 4: Just a Monday. We’re getting ready to take down the Christmas decorations. This time of year always makes me a little sad. I LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it. So to have to take it all down makes me sad… I quickly grabbed my big girl camera to snap a few of my Mom’s nativity. 365challenge-1

January 5: I made dinner! I love cooking.. it just doesn’t happen all that often. Baked Honey BBQ Chicken, Corn and THIS Homemade Mac and Cheese (yum!)


January 6: After months of trying to get together with my longtime friend Carly, we finally started our bible study; “The Sacred Echo” by Margaret Feinberg. 365_Jan6-1

January 7: It was late and I was looking through my books in my shelf. I have one section that has all my favorite books from my childhood. Who else remembers these?


January 8: My attention has been drawn to the details on things…


That’s it for this week! Come back next week for week 2!


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