Back to the Blogging World.

coffee-1I’m back!

If you didn’t know I used to have a blog. (it actually still exists if you want to go check it out! It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was started right before I made a big move to Colorado to attend school. I started it so that I could keep my people here in CA updated on my life. It was perfect for that season but once I moved back here… it kind of fizzled. The thing is, I LOVE to blog. I like writing. I journal quite often. But that journal is just for me. Blogging allows me to share my thoughts, and the things that I’m processing with others.

In the last year, me and God have been processing some things. At the top of that list is the importance of community. The thing is, I’ve never been one to crave community. As far as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed being by myself more than I’ve enjoyed being around people. Now, let me preface all of this by saying that this does not mean that I don’t enjoy my friends and family. I’ve got a small group of people that I surround myself with that I treasure more than anything in this world. But the truth is, I am in introvert at heart. Spending any kind of real time with anyone drains me so much and growing up I never understood what was happening. I couldn’t grasp why the concept of me loving to spend time with my friends, but still always wanting to stay home and read, or watch a movie was so hard to master. It wasn’t until I entered my early twenties and I started figuring out who I was that I realized what it was. Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing, as long as you find a balance within it. And as long as you accept that balance.

I’m still learning to find that balance. All while trying to stretch myself and create a bigger community around me. This is part of that.

This blog wil serve two purposes for me. 1: It will be a place where I can release some of the craziness that happens in my head. My thoughts are constantly going and as I process them, I want to be able to share the process with others who might be processing the same things. (ok, jess, you can stop using the word processing!) 2: This will be a place of creativity for me. My photography expanded so much in 2015 and I want it to grow so much more in 2016. So, I’ll be posting photos and stories here too.

If you followed along on my last blog and you enjoyed it, or if this is the first thing you’ve ever read from me, please follow along. Let’s build some community together. I want to share a piece of myself with you, but community works both ways… so I want to hear your stories as well.

Welcome to this new place of mine. Feel free to stay a while.


5 thoughts on “Back to the Blogging World.

  1. I’m so excited to hear all of those creative thoughts in that busy brain of yours! You’ve inspired me to journal and/or blog more. Thanks for your openness, dear friend! ā¤ Love you!

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  2. This is very interesting thing to do. I would love to get to know more about you lil cousin. I myself, i guess its extrovert i love huge family gatherings and i pretty much go out in the world and talk to everyone. Ive always wished our family was closer, but in the past years have excepted that we are all so busy its not quite possible at this time. The funny thing is I have two sons that are probably considered introvert as well, dont understand how that happened i should have had 50/50 chance at one of them being like me. Oh GODS plan right. Ok I think im babbling now I look forward to continue to follow and learn to get better at commenting.

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